Threadbare RPG

So, you have some cool ideas for Threadbare? That’s great! We’d love to feature them on this blog!

The Jury-Riggers are players and GMs who create their own content for Threadbare RPG and want to distribute it. Player-created content falls into the following categories, and a post can fit into more than one category:

How it works:

  1. Register for an account here on (you can also use a login, if you already have one.)
  2. Verify your email address by email.
  3. Set up your profile, including your first/last names or pen-name, your website link, and a brief bio. Optionally: upload a profile photo. Obscene, hateful, and spam profiles will be deleted without comment.
  4. Write a post, selecting the category from above (Adventures, Character FormsUpgrades, Devices, Glitches, Locations, GM Characters, Actual PlayMy Character, or Artwork) and click Submit.
  5. Wait for Stephanie or another editor to approve the post. It will go live in the Creator Content area of the website. If an editor thinks you need to make changes, they will edit your post and save it for you to review, so check back in a week for updates.
  6. You are welcome to share the link to the post on as soon as it’s live. After the post has been live for 7 days, you may republish the content elsewhere– including for payment (this is currently the quickest way to license the Threadbare RPG system for 3rd party commercial works– let me publish it first for a week, then you can do what you want with your work). Optionally: use the (coming soon) “Jury-Rigged for Threadbare RPG” logo on the work.
  7. If/when Stephanie puts together a compilation of Threadbare materials for sale (such as on DriveThruRPG), she will pay you $20 for the right to publish it in print and electronically in that format. She also may contact you for an updated bio and possible editing tweaks at that time.

Legalish stuff: Participation on this blog does not grant you ownership over Threadbare RPG intellectual property or copyrighted works.

You retain copyright to your work, which must carry your byline. By submitting your content, you are granting the Site Owner a nonexclusive perpetual license to publish the work with attribution in all formats. You agree that your post may remain on in perpetuity at the discretion of the Site Owner (Stephanie Bryant), or the site owner’s successors and interests.

You also agree that it is your own work and not copied or plagiarized from elsewhere. Registration on is required for submitting articles to, and that registration requires a valid and current email address.

You agree not to publish the same content elsewhere for at least 7 days after the post on is approved and is posted publicly. After that time, you may repost the content elsewhere for personal, non-commercial, or commercial purposes. You may use the “Jury-Rigged for Threadbare RPG” logo when reposting the content elsewhere. You may not sell products bearing the Jury-Rigged for Threadbare RPG logo in which the logo is the primary design feature of the product (example: prints, t-shirts, postcards, etc.) You may not use the official Threadbare RPG logo.

You agree not to post obscene, defamatory, hateful, harassing, or other similar content on, in posts, pages, comments, or elsewhere.

You agree that the Site Owner has permission to publish your work in compilations outside of this blog, in print and electronically. In such a case, the site owner will pay you a rate of at least, and not to exceed, $20 for this right per article.

If at any time you wish to remove content from and terminate this relationship, you can do so by contacting the Site Owner. At that time, you will no longer be authorized to use Threadbare RPG’s concepts, setting, rules, mechanics, or other intellectual property and must also cease use of the Jury-Rigged for Threadbare RPG logo.

You warrant that you are over the age of 13 and, if under the age of 18, have parental permission to participate in this blog.

Now, if all that hasn’t scared you away, go register and write your first post!