Threadbare RPG

Errata: Help Someone!

I made a late change to the game which didn’t get accurately reflected in the rulebook. When they use the Help Someone move, Socks allow other Socks to roll 3d6 on their move and take the best 2 dice rolled, rather than giving them a +2 if they choose the bonus option in the Help Someone move. The PDFs have been updated to reflect this, and the print versions will also reflect it going forward.

Here’s the wording of the move:


When you help someone do something, roll+Ties with that character. On a 10+, choose three from the following list. On a 7-9, choose one:

  • Grant a +1 on their next Move.
  • Take the consequences of a failure on their next Move for yourself.
  • Nothing breaks as a result of your help!
  • Someone else can help, too! Point to the next Helper.

The Sock playbook move is Paired Up:

PAIRED UP: When you Help Someone, treat a 7-9 partial success as a 10+. If the target is another Sock, they get to roll 3d6 and pick the highest two dice.

Note that a Sock helping another Sock treats a 7-9 as a 10+ and can choose to grant the other sock a +1 in addition to the other sock rolling 3d6 and picking the highest two dice.

I hope this clarifies this move and makes the game more fun and interesting for everyone.