Threadbare RPG

Location: The Bookstore

Of Course, the Bookstore has books in it. But the titles are…strange, to say the least. The Book of Old Sneakers, and the Flower with 100 Petals, just to name a few. And the bookshelves have gotten a bit more…arboreal as of late.

Where is It?
The bookstore is in the neighborhood woods at the edge of town. The plants are just normal everyday houseplants that grew out of control, but that didn’t stop the neighborhood kids from claiming it was haunted before the vanishing. The Sign out front says “Warning: Beware of CARNIEVERUS PLANTS” and has a smaller print message that reads: P.S Read the Books in the Bear Section they’re actually pretty good.

What’s in There: The Books for one, and the last kid the store left behind fire ladders for his bookcases, slime and mud-filled Mason jars, as well as nuts berries, and sticks for his “fairy friends” to play with. There is Drinkable Water, and sack filled with Apples & Oranges are all over the store. The other kids left books on Appalachia & Exorcism films as well as hanging old flashlights from the tree at the center of the store.

Who Do we meet?
The Watchers carry around the Flashlights that the older kids left in the store. They are searching for thorny plants, mostly because they’re softies and don’t want to get anything stuck inside them. The leader is ONE very “Angry” Bear named Theodore that the boy used to own, but is missing his nose part and loves to read the Boy’s bear books when he has the time, after which he actually becomes quite friendly. He usually responds to Theodore in most cases, but allows people to refer to him as Teddy if they’ve spoken to his friends beforehand.
He and his “Fairy Friends” are:
His Majesty Theodore the Great: Or Just “Teddy” if you’ve spoken to his friends. The Boy’s Stuffed Bear. He lost his Nose Part and his friends are trying to find him a new one, but he doesn’t mind, sarcastically claiming “It’s always getting stuck in one of these books anyway.”
The Fairy Doll: This Softie Fairy doll was designed to be easily assembled by children that had trouble with the delicate wings that needed to be attached to the pre-cross-stitched design by employing a special adhesive that stuck to both the shoulders and the neck. Once attached the fairy wings unfolded into a special dress that felt like real gossamer silk. The Fairy now likes to collect the nuts and berries with her sticky wings but sometimes needs help when her search for Theodore’s Missing Nose sends her fair from the store’s tiny break-room.
The Scarecrow Painter: This Softie owns the same “magic” paint that was used to decorate the Scarecrow from the Wizard of OZ. He likes to make visitors laugh and is currently writing a book on the use of trees in stage plays. He’s not happy about it. Doesn’t much care about Theodore’s Missing Nose but is willing to help Theodore out if he’s in a bind. (Note: The Scarecrow is meant to be a funny but passive character, in contrast to The Fairy’s mobile & and active character)